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kettlewell colours summer

Kettlewell Colours | Kettlewell is fashion for women who love colour and effortless style. Kettlewell is for women who love colour, effortless style & beautiful fabrics. The colours are mid-range, neither too light nor too dark, and are at the cooler end of the summer palette - the rose browns and jade greens of Soft Summers are often a little too warm for True Summers, even though they are all cool toned. Kettlewell Colours is an online one-stop shop for women who love to wear color, supplied across the world. Stripe Weekend Skirt. great blog!!! Kettlewell Colours. Nov 18, 2016 - I am taking the Kettlewell Colour Quiz to find out which seasonal palette will make me look and feel my best. Your best Kettlewell colours: passion flower, shocking pink, raspberry, dark red, deep claret, cassis, blackberry, charcoal, spruce, dark emerald, bright navy, midnight blue, iris, navy, french navy, purple, violet. I don’t seem to fit squarely in any group. Kettlewell Colours top in Marine Blue. The sweetpea colours and some from the brown palette, make up my wow colours. Hi I have naturally quite mousey brown hair, grey blue eyes and pale skin. Colours may vary slightly from one fabric to another. Your best Kettlewell colours: powder pink, pink ice, light grey marl, silver,  soft grey, pebble grey, mint ice, iced aqua, mist, ice blue, light aqua, pastel jade, light teal marl, light blue grey, cobalt blue marl, cornflower, summer blue marl, oxford blue, wisteria, ice lavender, iced hyacinth, primrose. Which summer type does this fit best with? Dusty Orchid. Kettlewell Colours July 24 at 4:00 AM Is there anything more annoying than going to all the effort of find ... ing and choosing clothes online, waiting for the delivery, excitedly opening the parcel, trying on your clothes, and discovering that they either (a) don't fit, or (b) don't suit your body shape. Why don't you take the quiz too? The outfits pictured below are all from Kettlewell Colours who produce a range of colors for each of the 4 Seasonal color families. Kettlewell Colours: No, your season is mainly decided by your skin tone - whether it is blue based (cool) or yellow based (warm) so changing your hair colour would not affect this. martha ann parker mcneal says: 09/11/2019 at 13:11. 15393 £89.00. I find your palettes here so limiting as I like to wear all the summer colours and some of the winter ones too - like dark fuchsia. Cerise Marl. To help us avoid spam, please answer the following question: There are currently no items in your bag. Plus Size Fashion. Is it possible to buy swatches? « Back to Summer Palette. I have fair skin, soft brown eyes (dark hazel, with some gray and some yellow), and dark brown hair (with grayish tones but golden highlights in the sun). Pale colours feel right at home in summer time, when the weather is warm and the sun shining. I don't see that on your list of different summers. See more ideas about Colours, Fashion, Warm autumn. And if you have undergone colour analysis … Hi there I like the colour 'sea green marl' which type of summer is that please? Some of the pinks and dark pink reds look good on me too but have to be careful that colours are not bright or too strong. As I said last week, do remember that your seasonal type is a guide. I am so happy about this, the colours make me feel better. Kettlewell colours sells in shades to suit colour seasons. Amethyst. How to wear prints. Your best Kettlewell colours: soft orchid, musk rose, true red, cassis, blackberry, aubergine, dark mole, mocha, rose brown, mole, rose taupe, taupe, warm grey, soft white, duck egg, soft teal, peacock, antique teal, seaspray, deep teal, petrel blue, heliotrope, french navy. Hi I love sea green marl merino cardi. Mia Long Sweater STYLE NO. Kettlewell Colours: We think that Sapphire Blue would be a little strong for you - we code Sapphire for Winters only. The name Soft Summer can be a little misleading, as it seems that it ought to be similar to Light Summer but actually it tends towards the Autumn end of the Summer palette, which lends it some depth of colour and warmth (although all Summer colours are still very definitely cool toned, soft Summer colours are less cool than others). A splash of vibrant raspberry or cherry red can really lift an outfit, especially paired with a harmonious statement lipstick. My daughter and I had our colors done several years ago and she was told that she was jeweled summer. Hope this helps :-). I am a soft brown and she is a true. 15483 £79.00. Are there colors I should avoid in the suggested palette, or other colors I can use even though they aren't in the suggested palette? Winter Outfits. (and Spring, Autumn & Winter!) Autumn has a very bright, vibrant orange that you might on first glance assume belongs to Spring but it’s definitely an Autumn colour. Your best Kettlewell colours: pink clover marl, rose, rose pink, soft orchid, light grey marl, dove grey, mid grey, steel blue, light blue grey, delph, french grey, bluebell, summer blue marl, periwinkle, lapis blue. Admittedly it feels rather strange to be writing about summer clothes, as I gaze out of the window and see grey clouds and drizzle. Thanks! I think this leads me to the cooler end of summer but is it likely I am deep/dark/cool summer? Thanks. What is mean in terms of "soft", "true", "deep" and "light". When discussing each season I will try to use the most commonly understood terms of each type, but please do contact us if you feel we've missed out a term that would help colour analysis clients understand their season. Dark Summers can often be mistaken (or mistake themselves) for Winters, with a bright or dark look about them, and it is only with a professional analysis with precision dyed drapes that the difference can be seen. Kettlewell Colours: Hi Manuela, it is very difficult to say but it sounds like you might be one of the cool seasons (Summer or Winter). The most comfortable colors for me are blue (very dark but also light and electric), cold browns (from beige to almost black ones) and charcoal. Would you be able to write on this a wee bit? If you want to find a Summer blue, why not visit our Shop by Colour page for Summers? For certain occasions, I like to dress feminine/delicate/girly, but other times I prefer an edgier look (black is predominantly in my closet). Hi Barbara, the sea green marl is probably best on a soft/brown summer, but should work on other types as well, paired with the right top/scarf combination. i made the house of colour analysis in greece but it was only seasonal not tonical...i would like to know. I have soft grey/blue eyes and a cool skin tone.

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