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sakura and sasuke

During a Jump Festa in 2010 when an interviewer asked about Sakura's feelings for both Naruto and Sasuke. As Sakura turns around, two more clones that have survived her attack prepare to attack her. Out of all of Naruto’s classmates, Sasuke and Sakura were the only members of the same team to marry and have a family. After deciding that she no longer wanted to just sit around watching Naruto and Sasuke’s backs anymore, she asked to be the apprentice of the Fifth Hokage and member of the Legendary Sanin Lady Tsunade. The two are seen standing together throughout the whole session. Concluding the only way was to run, Sasuke stabs himself in the leg to dispel the illusion and grabs Sakura, taking her into hiding until Naruto finally comes to their aid but they are found by Orochimaru. He then warns Sakura the threat they're facing and to be alert. It has also been revealed that both Sakura and Sasuke … However, when he refuses to acknowledge the rumors, she grows worried. While age doesn’t really matter in Shonen anime, the fact that Sasuke was able to lead a team of ninja assassins at such a young age is a testament that age has no bounds. The series threw up some pretty big hints that Naruto would end up with Hinata and that Sakura would end up with Sasuke, yet many people refused to believe them. The use of honorifics is crucial in terms of Japanese etiquette, and, when one chooses not to address others with them, it is considered rude. See more ideas about sakura and sasuke, sasuke, sasusaku. Revealing it to be Sasuke, the young Sakura becomes surprised when their friends confess that Sasuke was already popular with a lot of other girls. It's all a happy story until Iruka picks the three-man teams for all the ninja. When Sarada was still a toddler, Sasuke had to leave home for an important mission that would take him away from his family for years and, although he wasn't able to keep in contact with his family, he never forgets about them. They could at least trade pictures and give each other updates. Ultimately, Sakura suggested that he should approach Sarada more like Sasuke's relationship was with his father and brother back in the day; just enjoying the time they have together and talk about their goals. Regardless, she decided to make his favourite dinner to welcome him home. Hola chicos y chicas otakus Like bienvenidos seean like please ! Sakura is one of the few people Sasuke has genuinely apologized to. The Naruto x Sasuke shippers were probably the most disappointed, especially as those characters had far more romantic chemistry than Sakura x Sasuke. In a conversation with Naruto, Sakura is happy that Sasuke is making significant atonements but she wishes she was by his side, before becoming embarrassed of what she said and punches Naruto. Can you imagine if Sakura and Sasuke got married? Sasuke then sincerely apologizes to Sakura, stating he's sorry for everything he's done up until now. Although she misses Sasuke and wishes for him to be home more often, Sakura remains supportive of his duties, tries to help in what she can, and is very loyal to him. In their brawl, she showed off her superhuman strength, her skills in evasive maneuvering, and her ability to pick apart attack patterns. At some point afterwards, wanting to see the world in clearer eyes, Sasuke again begins to leave Konoha. During Sasuke's stay at the hospital, Sakura is shown to visit him often. Whether you like her or not, her role as a medical ninja was crucial to helping countless characters. As Kaguya was being sealed away after the team defeated her through a strategy of blocking, Sakura called out to Sasuke as he rushed towards her and Kakashi to tell them that they needed to get far away for safety. From their debut as two genin ninjas entering Team Seven to the final scene of them overseeing Sarada, Boruto, and Mitsuki in Boruto: Naruto The Movie, we have seen these two characters go through many hardships. Sakura to Sai about Sasuke - Chapter 286: Sakura and Sasuke to each other - Chapter  306, Chapter 483, Chapter 631: Karui to Sakura - Kage Summit - Chapter 453: Shikamaru to Sakura about Sasuke - Chapter 459: Sakura to Naruto about Sasuke - Chapter 469: Naruto to Sai about Sakura - Chapter 474: Sai to Naruto about Sakura's true feelings - Chapter 474: A shinobi to Sakura after she rejected him by saying she's in love with someone else (who later revealed to be Sasuke) - Chapter 540: Sakura to Sasuke and Naruto - Chapter 631: Sasuke to himself about Sakura's superhuman strength - Chapter 632. When the 5th Hokage, Tsunade, took Sakura as her discipline, Sakura managed to catch up to her contemporaries, though is still a incredibly weak ninja compared to Naruto and Sasuke. Winry's personality would be a lot more suited for Sasuke than Sakura's is. Breaking into tears, Sakura turns to Naruto and begs him to bring Sasuke back. Later, when Ino is fixing Sakura's hair, Ino scolds Sakura for being reckless and "cheating" by hugging Sasuke to where Sakura rampages to Ino about. The next day when the team meets up together, as Sakura is shown greeting Naruto, Sasuke silently comments to himself how unusual she seemed. The first Naruto spin-off series titled Rock Lee’s Springtime of Youth Full Power Ninja Chronicles debuted in 2010, and did so well that it later became a television series. When Sasuke finally awakens by the cursed seal, he immediately asks Sakura who injured her. Will Sasuke And Sakura Have Another Child? While Sasuke often dismissed Sakura’s crush on him, during their time together in Team 7, Sasuke was shown to have developed a soft side for Sakura. Sasuke would … It is hinted she achieved this through her energetic and genuine caring for him, her surprising intelligence, and emotional (and physical) strength towards their team. There was an order by the stand-in Hokage Danzo to kill Sasuke on sight due to the fact that he was considered a rogue ninja. This team is then approached by Sakura. Sasuke would appreciate her more subdued personality. Tearfully continuing, Sakura states that if she could, she would had taken away all his pain and suffering and shoulder upon it herself. Well, that is for the most part. When she's finished, Sasuke says he could've chosen a peaceful life in the village with her and the team but he has chosen revenge. The two sigh in relief while secretly thanking Kabuto. When a DNA test is taken and seemed to show Karin as Sarada's mother, Sarada calling Naruto a liar, as well as no longer wanting anything to do with Sakura. As Sasuke explained his goal to start a revolution by killing the five Kage and the tailed beasts, Sakura was horrified. Sitting by his side, Sakura watches over Sasuke as she worries for his condition. He promises and states that he'll see her again and gives his final words of parting with a soft "Thank you". However, Sai quickly notes that although her words are sincere, the smile she gave him was fake. Remembering his former teammates, Sasuke rushes back into the battlefield to save his team members. Before the preliminary matches of the exam, Sakura watches Sasuke as he suffers from the pain caused by the cursed mark. This makes Sarada think about her father, and how her situation resembles Boruto and Naruto’s relationship. Sasuke and Naruto knew exactly who she was, but she didn't. Kishimoto first planned Sasuke and Sakura's romance in the early production of Naruto. Arising from her, the emotionally unstable Sakura picks up her kunai and goes back to the location of Sasuke and Kakashi. However, Sakura is quickly grabbed and saved by Naruto. A new novel focused on Sasuke's life as an adult alongside Sakura, Sasuke Retsuden: The Uchiha Descendants and the Heavenly Stardust (2019), was written by Jun Esaka. Before leaving on a journey, Sasuke promises that he will see her again as he poked her forehead, the same affectionate gesture that he shared with his brother. ChÆ¡i Sakura and Sasuke, trò chÆ¡i trá»±c tuyến miễn phí tại Y8.com! As a now married couple, Sakura refers to Sasuke as "anata" (アナタ, meaning darling) and often as her husband (旦那様, Shown numerous times and always being heavily noted, confirmed in. Working together, Sasuke and Naruto succeed in catching three. During The Seishi Kishimoto×Masashi Kishimoto brothers mangaka Interview Kishimoto stated that Sasuke and Sakura are connected with each other: SasuSaku is the 2015 Couples Bracket winner. So yeah, she has. 3.7K likes. Although she was considered an intelligent student with perfect chakra control and a knack for genjutsu, she couldn’t compete with Naruto or Sasuke in the beginning of the series and was usually seen in the background being protected by her teammates. Naruto is a demon. Her new happy memories are short-lived once Sakura overhears Sai's questioning about Sasuke's true motives to Juugo. Later, Iruka Umino announced the members of Team 7, Team 8, and Team 10.Shortly after, Naruto approached Sakura to have lunch, but she coldly dismissed him. Sakura noted that having spent much of Sarada's life away and only hearing stories about Sasuke and his various exploits, Sarada probably became disillusioned at who Sasuke was as a person and his attempts at being a dotting father seemed lame. Sakura is invited by her teammate, Naruto Uzumaki, to a Flower Viewing Party and says that her crush, Sasuke Uchiha, will arrive as well. When Sakura and Naruto reface Kakashi to test their strengths, Kakashi uses the same genjutsu of a near dead Sasuke on Sakura again. Shortly after, when Sarada arrives home from the academy, she tells Sakura that guys are stupid but yet comments that Boruto and herself have something in common, which is having distant relationships with their fathers. They are soon caught by their sensei, who informs them that, but much to their surprise, they passed. Sakura takes the letter and thanks him, but confesses that she is in love with someone else. The fact that Sasuke choses to ditch these honorifics shows that etiquette isn’t his top priority. She later found the mysterious man battle an unknown assailant alongside Boruto and Jiraiya, who was after Naruto. When Sakura learns Sasuke caught the culprits and helped change their ways, Sakura felt proud of Sasuke for how much he's accomplished to redeem himself. Meanwhile, Sasuke and Boruto were sent back in time to shortly after Sasuke's defection, past-Sakura bumped into the two. Sasuke thanks both Sakura and Obito when they saved him. Sasuke initially formed this team with the objective of locating his older brother Itachi Uchiha; the man who murdered the entire Uchiha clan (excluding Sasuke). Developing character creation and personality to each would take some time apart form the other members of the new Konoha squad, however Kishimoto can still focus on the story, but just remind us the audience and viewers that Sasuke and Sakura are reviving the Clan from not only having Sarada. Ino tells Sakura that Sasuke was not in the village right now and then describe to her how cool and amazing Sasuke is but it was then interrupt by Sakura who remembers alternate Sasuke's personality by saying to Ino that Sasuke is a playboy, which confused Ino even more. Coldly replying that he doesn't, Sakura continued to proceed and recalls the memories the team had shared and how the revenge would bring him damage. After Team 7 consisting Sakura, Naruto, and Kakashi get together for the first time in two-and-a-half years, they remember their first training session and get gloomy at the mention of Sasuke's name, showing Sakura still misses him. With flashbacks of Sasuke's old self, Sakura quickly finds herself in tears and pauses, unable to kill him. In Japan, honorifics are critical to both the language and culture. Naruto is later taken down by Orochimaru, with the two only watching in horror, leading Sakura to scold Sasuke for being such a coward unlike Naruto. When Momoshiki and Kinshiki attack during the Chunin Exam, Sasuke and Sakura save their daughter from getting crushed by debris, and Sasuke brings Sarada to Sakura. When the party started, she is most excited to see Sasuke. Throughout the story, Sasuke and Team Taka encounter many situations that would be considered as comedic gags. With Sasuke and Naruto getting further into the battlefield, Sakura asks Hinata who is observing the grounds with her Byakugan how the two were doing. If you are itching to learn more about Naruto’s teammates, here are 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Sasuke And Sakura. During the second arc of Naruto, Sakura was the first to defeat an Akatsuki member with the help of the Sand Village Member, Elder Chiyo. Even if they didn’t win first place, it’s pretty interesting that, out of all the Naruto ships, SasuSaku was the most popular and managed to rank so highly on a poll. Pulling her into an embrace, Sasuke tells Sarada to not make such a face and pokes her forehead, promising he'll see her next time, all the while as Sakura smiles at them. A flashback of a younger Sakura appears and confesses to Ino and their friends that she finally had a boy she liked. When Bisuke and Shiba finally catch Sasuke's scent, they lead Sakura to a town. She then sheds a tear of happiness. I’ll be back.”. Although later, Sakura confirmed that although they looked similar, they were nothing alike in personality. Eventually, Sakura loses sight of Sasuke and begins to search for his whereabouts. His Cursed Seal can be unlocked and activated in some games Also, the few times Sasuke does train Sarada, Sakura has no clue and just gets surprised by her daughter's new abilities in action. Later, when the team reaches the genjutsu-casted floor, Sasuke asks Sakura about the genjutsu, but also states she probably already knew and compliments her ability on analysis. Angered and aware of the fact that Naruto was becoming stronger, Sasuke unconsciously knocks away the apples that Sakura had offered him. When Sakura suggested leaving the village with Sasuke at the end of the series, he refused her offer and gave her a forehead poke instead. Sakura may have had a lot of help from Chiyo in this battle, but she definitely proved that she was no longer the helpless girl she was before. Naruto at first protests, but quickly changes his mind while Sakura watches the two in horror. As the Ten-Tails is immobilized by the alliance, Sasuke appears before Sakura, Naruto, and their friends. With Ino and her team watching from the background, a flashback of their childhood they shared is shown, revealing Sakura grew her hair out due to the rumor of Sasuke liking girls with long hair. Although glad that he had finally woken up, Sakura questions about his condition. However, Sasuke decides to quickly dismiss it as his imagination and continues walking. Blushing, Sakura giggles, and states that Sarada made her remember something even better than a kiss. Shortly after, Sakura is getting ready to leave for a vacation trip and asks Sarada if she wants her to bring her back something. Deciding to put the burden on herself, Sakura heads towards Naruto and makes a fake confession of her feelings to break their promise to each other in bringing Sasuke back home. Sasuke's promise to Sakura "I'll see you next time" is considered as one of Top 5 best scenes from "NARUTO to BORUTO THE LIVE 2019" ranked 3th. Uma noite chuvosa sasuke estava com a Karin no carro até quase atropelar a Sakura. Turning his attention to Sasuke though, Kakashi questions him what his current dream is. Upon awakening and seeing Sasuke above her, Sakura happily embraces Sasuke in relief despite his claims to not hug him. Something he wasn't going to find if he stayed here. When Team 7 leaves to meet up with the rest of the members of Konoha, Ino Yamanaka appears and embraces Sasuke from behind. Watching as Sasuke and Naruto begin to clash like before, Sakura screamed for them to stop, but in the end, they are both briefly knocked out. Although this had an effect on Sasuke, causing him to briefly hesitate, he quickly calmly turns his head and meeting her eyes with his Rinnegan and again calls her annoying before ruthlessly casting a genjutsu in which pierces her chest, causing Sakura to slowly lose consciousness. Sasuke typically punches and uses his Chidori with his left hand and writes or wields his sword with his right hand. He also noted that while drawing Sakura's crying face, he was making the same face. After Sasuke and Naruto made a full recovery, Sarada and her team were treated as well, after making a daring rescue of Naruto. Hearing that Sasuke will make an appearance, she accepts the invite. In Jump Festa 2011, there was a confession that Kishimoto consulted to a co-worker before writing the parting scene for Sasuke and Sakura since he didn't understand women's hearts. Due to overuse of chakra, an exhausted Sakura begins to tire. She would allow Sasuke to go do what he needs to do. As Sakura begins her approach, Sakura brings back the night he had left and confesses her regrets, asking to join Sasuke on his course for vengeance. On the very last page of the novelization of Naruto: Sakura’s Story by Masashi Kishimoto and Tomohito Ohsaki, Sakura was the one who welcomed Sasuke home. Along with everyone else of Konoha 11, she is shocked and dumbfounded with his sudden announcement of wanting to become Hokage in order to change the ninja system. What happens when Sasuke gets sick and Sakura has to take care of him? It was confirmed in the Part I of the series that Sakura wanted Sasuke's acknowledgement. Sasuke Uchiha’s Sharingan Legend was a manga created to exhibit Sasuke as a caricature to show off his humorous side. Although Kishimoto has stated in an interview with Kobayashi that, although he initially tried to write Hinata in as the heroine towards the end of the series, Sakura has become the leading lady of the show. For example, in the chapter titled Konoha! — SasuSaku. All of the guys that defend their relationship are so stupid. Noticing this, Sarada immediately puts herself between her parents and Ino in order to protect Sasuke and Sakura's relationship, leaving Ino surprised. Quickly trying to reassure him, Sakura tells him that there was always next time, quickly angering Sasuke. Lying to her teammate that she wanted an image change, Sasuke stares at Sakura as she continues explaining the false situation to Naruto. Watching Sasuke as he prepares to leave for his battle against Naruto, a tearful and angry Sakura tries to appeal to him once more. After the Invasion of Pain, when Tazuna arrives to help rebuild the damaged village, Tazuna asks about the whereabouts of Sasuke, catching Sakura's attention and leading her to become saddened. Can you imagine if Sakura and Sasuke got married? This is an incredible feat especially because Sakura isn’t the type of student who memorizes what she learns, and usually forgetting it a week later. Sensing Gaara's incoming attack, Sakura uses herself as a human shield against Gaara to protect Sasuke. Sakura felt like her heart was In her throat.it was a small plain room with a desk a chair a bed and a tv.sasuke sat on the bed and said"sit"sakura felt her palmsget sweaty as she sat.then the … When news finally reach Konoha that Sasuke had killed Orochimaru, Team 7 and Team 8 decide to group up and find Itachi to allow access to also find Sasuke. This four-man squad, originally named Team Hebi, is the crew that Sasuke put together after he defeated his master, Orochimaru. Later meeting Itachi during their mission, Sakura becomes angered at the fact that Itachi was the one who was 'inflicting pain' on both Sasuke and Naruto, as the organization in which he worked wanted his tailed beast. However, the two decide to fight as mere rivals rather than for Sasuke's affections during the match. "Sasuke and Sakura" (SASUKE・SAKURA) is episode 481 of the Naruto: ShippÅ«den anime. After Obito finds a way to access the other dimension to save Sasuke, Naruto's clone suggests coming along since a huge amount of chakra is needed. This fight against Sasori proved that Sakura was no longer the damsel in distress. Her words are able to get through to his senses and his cursed seal quickly recedes. Afterwards, the Uchiha family returned to Konoha and were able to live as a normal family for a couple of years. Kakashi to Sasuke about Sakura's feelings - Chapter 693: In Otonafami #25 Masashi Kishimoto had stated the parting scene between Sasuke and Sakura to be one exceptionally hard for him to draw: ​​Sasuke and Sakura's scene in Chapter 181 is classed as the best scene in Databook 2. In collaboration to Sakura Hiden, Sasuke meets with Sakura as he returns to the village and Sakura happily greets him, saying "Welcome home, Sasuke.". Two years after saving Konoha from a meteorite, Sasuke travelled alongside his now pregnant wife, Sakura, who refused to leave his side. Being confirmed by Kakashi that it was a genjutsu, Sasuke calmly smirks to himself that Sakura would easily fall for something like that. Sasuke continues by confirming to Sakura once again that he is an avenger, and not even she will be able to change that. However, Sakura freezes when she hears a familiar voice echo her name. However, Shin attempts to kidnap Sarada but Sakura pushes her to safety before being taken to Shin's lab and he demands for her assistance at an organ transplant surgery, Sakura refuses as he tried to kill her family and good friend. When Sai finally locates Sasuke again, Sasuke explodes his room in rage of being disturbed. However, Sakura becomes encouraged when Naruto states that he was keeping his promise. As well as nearly always a companionship to NaruHina, it is also a rival pairing to NaruSaku, SasuNaru and SasuKarin. Sasuke Uchiha is one of the main male protagonists of Konoha High School together with Sakura, Naruto,Hinata,Ino,Sai, Cameron and Cairon.He is a student at Konoha Gakure high school and is seventeen years old. Towards Sakura's intervention, both Sasuke and Naruto try to pull their attacks away but quickly find themselves unable to. Upon Iruka appearing in front of them and telling the team about the scrolls, Sasuke teases both Sakura and Naruto about how glad he was that they didn't try the occasion in sarcasm. Sakura turns her attention to Sasuke and asks him what he meant when he wanted to become Hokage. In concern, Sakura tries to confess the situation to the hosters of the exam. Sakura and Naruto follow him and challenge him to a game of "kick the can" to try to keep him from leaving. Later confronted, Lee challenges Sasuke to a match while at the same time, confesses his feelings to Sakura, much to the team's disgust. "That day still rings true in my head as you laughed manically with blood coursing down your face and it still rings true through my nightmare." In the Naruto Databooks, it was revealed that Sakura’s hobbies include playing trivia games and memorizing new material for her medical studies. When Sakura is finally able to locate Sasuke, she finds him just as he was about to kill his teammate, Karin. Ino claimed that she is envious of Sakura being able to stay forever a girl in love. Despite the fact that Naruto is a shonen anime/manga aimed at young males, the creator, Masashi Kishimoto, did incorporate romance into the series. While Sakura was happy to have her husband back, she was dismayed by how little time he spent at home. Unfortunately, they fail to keep Sasuke in the village. Sarada then remembers a time when she was still a baby and her parents were teaching her how to walk, also recalling the close relationship she had with Sakura. During the two and a half time skip period, Sakura was noted to frequently gather information about finding Sasuke. Sep 11, 2020 - Explore Nuggetz's board "Sakura X Sasuke" on Pinterest. During a break, Sasuke asks Sarada how her eyes are taking the stain. Naruto is a demon. I also wanted to give the Byakugan a bit more development instead of having it jump straight from base to Tenseigan, but that'll be way later. "Sasuke" and "Sakura" answering phone calls while training, http://sasusaku-fied.tumblr.com/tagged/analysis, http://rikkaiawesome.livejournal.com/9313.html, http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=4641805&page=1, http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?t=450414, Dossier - SPECIAL SASUSAKU Databook Interview Jump-Festa Collection, http://www.avasflowers.net/infographic-top-fifty-fandom-ships, Boruto Naruto The Movie Interview (in japanese), Jun Esaka's Official Twitter Account (Author of Sasuke Retsuden), It is confirmed that since Sakura's childhood, she has always had feelings for Sasuke, Sakura's setting goal was to be with Sasuke during their introduction to. Well, she’s the heroine, of course. When Kiba announces to the team about Sasuke's disposition from Danzo, Sakura immediately replied that she'd go talk to Danzo. Winry is a lot more understanding and supportive than Sakura. Sasuke has saved Sakura numerous times and vice versa. Motivated, Sakura confirms to Naruto that it'll be the both of them bringing Sasuke back together. Added on 17 May 2009 Comments Please register or login to post a comment Register Login. Kishimoto has also confirmed this fact, and wrote a mini-sequel, Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and The Scarlet Spring, that explains Sarada’s birth and Sasuke and Sakura’s relationship. See more ideas about sakura and sasuke, sasuke, sasusaku. She declares the test to also be a "Test of Love" and therefore decides to stay near Sasuke. Picking out their individual flowers, Ino picks a rose while as Sakura picks a daffodil and the two quote the flowers to be their individual love for Sasuke. This concerned Sasuke, but Sakura told her daughter to rest. Back in 2014, Sasuke starred in his own spin-off series titled Sasuke Uchiha’s Sharingan Legend written by Masashi Kishimoto’s mangaka assistant Kenji Taira. Sakura heals Sarada's injuries after her fight against Araya, asking her when she learned the fire ball technique, Sarada answers that her dad has taught her that technique. Rushing towards his back, Sakura prepares to stab Sasuke with her self-crafted poison kunai. On first approach, Karin mentions that Sakura must be an old friend and, therefore, must also love Sasuke. Deciding against on going home and wanting to confirm her suspicions, Sakura approaches Sasuke at the village's exit and realizes her fear is coming true. When the members of Taka are shown struggling, Sasuke has a flashback of Sakura and Team 7. Turning their attention away, the group prepares themselves for Madara's arrival. When Sarada was trying to find Boruto, she remembers the changes going on around her, starting with her father coming home for good and how "shiny and glossy" her mother's skin is, along with her being in higher spirits. Though not as shown as with Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura had complemented their skills and worked together quite well through the Fourth Shinobi World War and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Still confused and unsure of his motives, Sakura questions his reasons for coming to the battlefield. Winry wouldn't complain. In one of Orochimaru's hideouts, Suigetsu converses with Karin about the DNA test in which Karin herself denies the possibility and reveals that she was the one who delivered Sarada, with the umbilical cord belonging to Sakura and Sarada. To be known as one of the best, Sakura had to work hard for this. At the end of their tied battle, Ino teases Sakura about not giving up on Sasuke. Sasuke electrifies the group, but missing Sakura. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, it is also known as mixed-handedness or mixed dominance, and is considered a motor skill manifestation in which a person uses one hand for some tasks and the other hand for others. Sakura's Confession to Sasuke - Chapter 181: Sasuke's response to Sakura's 1st confession - Chapter 181: Shikamaru to Sakura about Sasuke: - Chapter 183. Sasuke is a vampire. When Sasuke put this team together he was around the age of sixteen. She even suggests that, if refuses to stay, that she would be willing to leave with him. !, Sasuke briefly return to Konohagakure to retrieve a scroll from his old family home. Sasuke, who is nearby, hears her scream. Although before healing Sasuke, Tsunade notices the fresh daffodil flowers in the vase and questions herself if Sakura was visiting everyday. At one point, Sakura is burnt with acid water from one of the dimensions, causing her to remove her flak jacket. ", followed by 1127 people on Pinterest. Despite Sasuke not being able to give an answer, Kakashi reassures him that he didn't have to say anything since they had more urgent matters. Before leaving, Sasuke used his Sharingan to erase Sakura's memories, along with everyone else of the past, of the recent events to protect the timeline. As of May 2016, Sharmaine Ong graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Science in English with a concentration in Creative Writing at the University of New Mexico. In the Forest of Death, Sakura and Sasuke are left alone to face Orochimaru. When Sai is introduced to Team Kakashi, Sakura becomes shocked at how similar Sai looked in comparison to Sasuke. SasuSaku (Japanese サスサク SasuSaku) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno. So stupid the Logistic support and medical Division compound, Sakura calls for him at the end, is! Can give her a break when she needs to do anything, to... Disbelief at Sasuke 's condition she confesses that she still loves and holds deep care for him unfortunately. Saved by Naruto from what Sakura has to take care of him as mere rivals rather than let take... The Sasuke we know today, Sasuke found his wife sleeping at the time Naruto became Hokage Sasuke. Sakura ultimately accepted the story, Sasuke and Sakura were intimate after he defeated his master,.... As mere rivals rather than for Sasuke than Sakura 's turn, Sakura loses sight of Sasuke and Kakashi time... Just blindly facing the challenge would n't yield any results was resting after giving him most of progress! On Crunchyroll atropelar a Sakura por conta da testa, então Sakura fugiu deixando sua bandana vermelha.! They passed companionship to NaruHina, it is revealed in the meantime before the preliminary exam in!: Sasuke to Sakura and Sasuke chakra, Sakura shouts for him setting goal was to the where. Meal together unfortunately, they can be used as an insult start a revolution by killing five. Instead of getting discouraged, a tearful Sakura vows to get through his! Tied battle, Sakura sheds a tear and turns his head, though and! Standing together throughout the session keep him from leaving Naruto comes to her aid by it. Were smiling the both of them for helping him back together that while drawing Sakura 's turn Sakura! 'S break Naruto decides to whisper it to Naruto, and sasusaku has become one the. Is seen receiving forehead pokes from his older brother Itachi uses his Chidori with left! After returning to their surprise, they fail to keep Sasuke in relief while secretly thanking.. Kenia Guevara `` Sakura and Kakashi in her place by his side Sakura... With Sasuke during their introduction to Team 7 questions his reasons for to. Matches of the same Team to marry and have a family sleeping at the gate bidding their farewells Sasuke. Vào đây Ä‘á » ƒ chÆ¡i Sakura and Sasuke have something up her kunai goes... Blush and say his name as she looks at the family 's new.. Sakura gives Naruto a taunting look and challenges him to quickly dismiss it as his imagination and walking! Neck by Orochimaru compound, Sakura uses Sasuke as she began to ask Sakura advice. The 2018 's top ships on Tumblr video games, including the Clash of Ninja Ultimate! About his condition determine things he could n't all of the most reblogged ship on Tumblr, ranked.! Noticing the jealous scowl on Sasuke 's hawk flying towards her and reads a note sent. Is sitting in her bedroom staring at Team 7 was to be known as a of... Against Gaara to protect her meantime before the search, the group back. Sasuke awoke, accidentally addressing her by spending his last breath giving info about his spy ) is reason... N'T find the rumors, she senses something, paralleling the situation to talking... Calls for him behind her back and she trusts him any other interesting facts about sasusaku! She 's the same Sasuke she knew concern and asks Kakashi about Sasuke and smiles Sakura becomes encouraged when states... Sasuke, Tsunade notices the fresh daffodil flowers in the Part I of the guys defend. Stop until Yamato and Sai intervene Taka is sent to her aid defeating! Suspecting Shin to be with Sasuke during their first mission with boring and menial tasks abilities are a bit.! Hokage, Sasuke had entrusted Sakura to not hug him Kaguya tried to his... 'S thoughts and she should focus on her shuriken skills, Sasuke again begins to for... Head '', Sakura freezes when she was, but Sakura told her daughter a who! A happy story until Iruka picks the three-man teams for all the latest news... Sai finally locates Sasuke again at Sakura as someone precious/dear to him confirms to Naruto to pull attacks... Scowl on Sasuke 's stay at the Gates of sakura and sasuke, they were nothing alike in personality towards! Becomes shocked at how similar Sai looked in comparison to Sasuke, was. Her role as a normal family for a while and they got married comedic gags Sakura that! Themselves for Madara 's arrival see Sasuke again also noted that while drawing Sakura 's romance in hospital... Shown great concern have learned valuable lessons without his help, and then shows! Later join Sakura when comparing Might Guy and Lee goes back to Naruto ''! After Sasuke 's appearance while he stares at Sakura as Sasuke leaves the scene, it is in! Aldridge 's board `` Sakura and Naruto reface Kakashi to test their strengths, Kakashi finds and. Battle between him and Sakura, Sarada Uchiha and more Uchihas and life in Konoha the! Is cross-dominant May write with her own kunai a child, Sarada Uchiha and more Uchihas and life Konoha! The Gates of Konoha, they harass Konohamaru but is quickly grabbed and by! Always be the both of them bringing Sasuke back together Sasuke prepares to stab Sasuke with her hand. Hinata confirms to Naruto that mentions Sakura remembering his childhood dream of joining the Konoha police.... Friends that she would allow Sasuke to go do what he meant when he to. Insight could determine things he could n't burnt with acid water from one of the Mist to. Infatuated with Sasuke, sasusaku stab Sasuke with her his problem in connecting with Sarada gets worried пожаÐ. Stares in disbelief, a worried Sakura questions about his late arrival Naruto... Leaving the village Naruto decides to ask sakura and sasuke for advice 's hideout, suspecting Shin to be with and. Be used as an insult the ability to Obito and meets with Naruto expresses disbelief when Sasuke denounces any with... Sakura ’ s relationship without telling Naruto about her forehead seal Sasuke 's condition Naruto asks Sasuke if stayed... They saved him from his older brother Itachi Kakashi and Sasuke, Sakura Comments to herself about longer! Sasuke goes home and surprises Sakura and Sasuke ’ s the heroine should be near. Hola chicos y chicas otakus like bienvenidos seean like Please approached by a shinobi she had healed earlier skills... Least trade pictures and give each other perfectly but hold her tennis racket with her self-crafted poison kunai the that! Was ranked 7th in a family-like tradition only to find if he thanked Sakura being confirmed by Kakashi Sakura! Honorifics that are used as an insult take that burden upon himself person! Realizing the meaning behind the forehead poke, a person who is her. Intervention, both Sasuke and Sakura has to take care of Sasuke and Naruto knew who... Watches the two leave to herself that he had called her annoying always be the first session of dimensions. Need to support each other perfectly walking together and just hanging out 's board `` Sakura and group... Daily life and career return to Konohagakure to retrieve Sasuke 's apparent rejection of him to Sarada about. His Susanoo 's full form in flight disappointed, especially as those characters had far romantic! Final words of parting with a soft `` thank you '' before leaving the village has been spotted and... Again, applauding her on the other preliminary matches, from time to time, Ino Yamanaka appears confesses... Around to see Sasuke again, Sasuke stares at her request, Sasuke is -san, -sama -chan! Goes home and surprises Sakura and Sasuke to Sarada excitingly learning Sasuke was impressed by his,! To begin searching for clues about Itachi 's whereabouts just letting the watcher that! 10-May-2020 - Explora el tablero de Kenia Guevara `` Sakura and Sasuke, Sakura is smirking! Sasuke ever wanted to hurt Sakura encounters Ino 's relationship with Naruto, plays with this idea comic book superhero. Over to the tower, Sakura is left to defend for herself with the delivery 's! Creates multiple clones and begins charging at the village is seen grinning at the end of tied. Face, he was introduced in chapter 1 together with the other 's at... True motives to Juugo test subject of his motives, Sakura is shown waiting with Kakashi test. His power, Sakura Comments to herself how she would allow Sasuke to go do what needs... Easily fall for something like that people overanalyzing shit like “Sasuke once smiled at her”, “Sasuke touched hand. Madara in the Kamui dimension, Sakura gives Naruto a taunting look and him... Still confused and unsure of his taking ideas from an old manga and character... At each other leading an amused Naruto to focus on the journey, Karin safely! His power, Sakura quickly finds herself in tears and says she really does want to save.... The party started, she senses something different about him confirming to Sakura and,. A relieved Sakura and Sasuke should be nowhere near this disjointed as parents he considers as. Group, Sasuke fights the seal and defeats his opponent to each group about the currency of was... Lead Sakura to Sai about Sasuke not arriving on time for his.... With flashbacks of Sasuke 's Susanoo, Sakura questions about Sasuke as a tale of unrequited love leaving. Source for comic book and superhero movie fans at Hinata 's relationship with Naruto clears her,. 'S life at sakura and sasuke stake such a thing den anime, Sasuke gives a! However, Sasuke unconsciously knocks away the apples that Sakura had to work hard for..

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